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I really enjoyed the adult Legion 2 parter in Adventure 354 and 355. I know some people have commented that it restricts what you can do once you've revealed the future but I don't agree. The team can travel through time...that pretty much means that anything can still happen. And, it was cool when Chemical King was introduced o n the cover of issue 354, even though we knew one day he'd die in action...we just didn't know when. And coming the issue after the death of Ferro Lad, well, it could happen at any time...The story gave us just enough information for a glimpse into the Legion's future without making the stories leading up to that point in the future irrelevant or inevitable. It was a bold decision really, many stories of that ilk were written as 'imaginary' stories. This was part of the canon.

Of course, nothing of consequence has happened in comics as a whole since the 1980's. And the Legion themselves are stuck in a perpetual loop of revision and irrelevance. So the adult Legion storyline didn't affect the book in the short or long term was, as it was intended to be, a nifty two parter. 

So, Adventure Comics #6. This storyline was originally slated for a Superman commission series I was working on. But it fit too well with this Legion based one. And I like the idea of Superman appearing with the Legion. It makes sense, why would he just stop hanging with the team?

I'm aware there was a time a few years back when Superman was hanging with the Legion but I haven't read it. I've set this commission series' origin point as sometime between the Great Darkness Saga and the Baxter series, before the Crisis on Infinite Earths destroyed a lot of what I liked at the time. I'm not having a go at the Crisis, I enjoyed it a lot when it came out, all the characters, Perez and Ordway on the art, Blue Beetle appearing! But, it pretty much ruined the Legion, Superboy, the inspiration for the team no longer existed. And, whilst the writers did a fine job explaining about the pocket universe and trying to explain Mon -El, Supergirl etc...well, it wasn't the same was it.

With hindsight maybe it would have been best to just have Superman as the inspiration for the team and have him join as an adult. 

So, this commission series is a continuation from that time period, pre-Crisis. 

I think the cover blurb on this one speaks for itself...

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