Friday, 25 March 2016


Here's the other Star Trek trade that's coming out in June from IDW that I did the cover for.

This one was pretty straight forward really. The only alteration was to make CumberKhan's forehead a little smoother!

It's been pretty cool working on Trek recently. I obviously lean towards doing narrative based covers but the movie style ones are interesting to work on with the added element of getting the likenesses right.

The pencil prelim

This is a photo of the painting as it actually looks. You can see the texture I added at the underpainting stage (using Liquin Impasto) to gie it a bit of life. I used to do that on many of my paintings but it takes an extra day or so to dry and unfortunately I just don't have the time nowadays!

And after I did a bit of photshop editing with filters to make it look more like the cover for volume one in tone and colouring.

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