Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Here's the next cover in the Adventure Comics commission series. 

Loosely based on a JLA cover, this was a chance to draw a lot of members of both teams. Maybe I should have gone full George Perez for this piece and drawn in every possible character! 

I've been pretty busy recently, catching up on various projects after LSCC (yes, it was a month ago, but I neglected a few things to get all the commissions done in time!). I'm working up the first few pages of the Chiari Conundrum right now.

Also, I'll have a few announcements about comic con attendances over the next month, I'll be going to a few I've never been to before.

I thought the new Star Wars teaser trailer was awesome. From the trailer alone it's the third best Star Wars movie already...just thought I'd throw that out there. The imagery looks epic, it looks real, dirty and the acting is better than in the prequels. I'm looking forward to it!

Art wise I'm starting to get into Bill Sienkiewicz. I looked at some early Moon Knight and realised how great it was...so I need to get the trades and then move onto the New Mutants...I never read too much Marvel back then, it was all DC. I got into Marvel later through back issues of British b/w reprints. It's time I checked out Sienkiewicz properly. It may help with my lifeless inking and hesitant pencil work.

More very soon!

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