Wednesday 29 April 2015


I'll be attending the Hull comic convention on the 27th June. 

As always I'll be sketching on the day for free.  As a result my list is booked up pretty quickly. I'm pretty slow! So come by early to ensure you're on it!

I'm taking commissions for the con also, these would be the nicer ones that are more finished pieces of art than the free ones I do at the con. Same deal as always, contact me through my email beforehand, pay on the day. Make sure you contact me at last a week beforehand so I can get the art finished!

Here are some examples, first A4 black and white Copic marker, pencil, ink.

Each of these would be priced at £40

Next up we have film or TV likeness pieces, same size, same price. The images are below are scans unlike the photos above they give a better idea of what I can draw!

An example of an A3 likeness. I did a nice John Watson for the last con but forgot to photograph or scan it.

The above piece would be £80. Makes sense as it's twice the size of the £40 pieces.

Here are some examples of A4 coloured pieces I did for the last con, £50. I can also do coloured likeness pieces.

Again, not great photos, but you get the idea!

And finally some examples of A3 coloured pieces that go for £100. Not too unreasonable. The coloured ones were an experiment for the last con, they did pretty well, so there'll be more.

I'll also have a selection of sketches to sell. If you want something more complicated or different then let me know, from fully rendered oil paintings, fully rendered tonal pieces or cover recreations, if you give me enough time, I can get it done!

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  1. That artwork is absolutely stunning; I wish I could afford to buy some like to hang on my flat walls.