Wednesday 29 April 2015


I'll be attending the Hull comic convention on the 27th June. 

As always I'll be sketching on the day for free.  As a result my list is booked up pretty quickly. I'm pretty slow! So come by early to ensure you're on it!

I'm taking commissions for the con also, these would be the nicer ones that are more finished pieces of art than the free ones I do at the con. Same deal as always, contact me through my email beforehand, pay on the day. Make sure you contact me at last a week beforehand so I can get the art finished!

Here are some examples, first A4 black and white Copic marker, pencil, ink.

Each of these would be priced at £40

Next up we have film or TV likeness pieces, same size, same price. The images are below are scans unlike the photos above they give a better idea of what I can draw!

An example of an A3 likeness. I did a nice John Watson for the last con but forgot to photograph or scan it.

The above piece would be £80. Makes sense as it's twice the size of the £40 pieces.

Here are some examples of A4 coloured pieces I did for the last con, £50. I can also do coloured likeness pieces.

Again, not great photos, but you get the idea!

And finally some examples of A3 coloured pieces that go for £100. Not too unreasonable. The coloured ones were an experiment for the last con, they did pretty well, so there'll be more.

I'll also have a selection of sketches to sell. If you want something more complicated or different then let me know, from fully rendered oil paintings, fully rendered tonal pieces or cover recreations, if you give me enough time, I can get it done!

Wednesday 22 April 2015


I'll be attending Hull comic convention on June 27th. As always at cons I'll be sketching for free on the day. Make sure you come over early to get on the list as it fills up pretty quickly (I draw pretty slowly and can't speak and draw effectively either!)

I also take pre-convention commissions, see Commisson info and prices for information from my post about the upcoming Film and Comic Con for info. Be sure to get in touch in time for me to get the commissions done in time for the show!

I'll post more very soon, just wanted to get word out there!

Tuesday 21 April 2015


Here's the next cover in the Adventure Comics commission series. 

Loosely based on a JLA cover, this was a chance to draw a lot of members of both teams. Maybe I should have gone full George Perez for this piece and drawn in every possible character! 

I've been pretty busy recently, catching up on various projects after LSCC (yes, it was a month ago, but I neglected a few things to get all the commissions done in time!). I'm working up the first few pages of the Chiari Conundrum right now.

Also, I'll have a few announcements about comic con attendances over the next month, I'll be going to a few I've never been to before.

I thought the new Star Wars teaser trailer was awesome. From the trailer alone it's the third best Star Wars movie already...just thought I'd throw that out there. The imagery looks epic, it looks real, dirty and the acting is better than in the prequels. I'm looking forward to it!

Art wise I'm starting to get into Bill Sienkiewicz. I looked at some early Moon Knight and realised how great it I need to get the trades and then move onto the New Mutants...I never read too much Marvel back then, it was all DC. I got into Marvel later through back issues of British b/w reprints. It's time I checked out Sienkiewicz properly. It may help with my lifeless inking and hesitant pencil work.

More very soon!

Thursday 9 April 2015



This cover divides opinion. This is the second version. See below for the first one.

As you can see, The Shrinking Skull's leg is in a different place. I have to say that I like this, the first version better. Maybe the leg isn't technically right anatomically, but I think it works well, more dynamic and more of a proper scrap. There is an issue on this cover though, I forgot Ultra Boy's shoulder thingy...

Thursday 2 April 2015

Adventure Comics #16: The ongoing adventures of the Legion of Super-Heroes


Here's a familiar image! I thought it fitted the storyline well so I decided to use it again. Looking back I've realised that I never drew Violet in the regular uniform I designed (as opposed to in her Earth 3 counterpart disguise as seen here). Basically replace the skulls with violets and that's what it looks like!

The series finishes at #20. However, I have cover ideas for at least 30 more issues so I'll probably draw them up anyway, if I get the time.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Covers that Never Were: Volume 2

I forgot to mention, the above booklet is now available to buy online. Here's the link!

I'll have a number of them for sale at each con I attend this year as well. 

I fair few people have asked me about getting a copy of the first volume. They're all gone, sorry. It was a signed and numbered limited edition run. However, I'm putting together a second printing. It'll be in the slightly larger format of volume 2 (about an inch taller in height) and I'm in the process of updating the text too. I'll post here when it's available. 

Thanks to all the people who've bought a copy of volume 2 already and have been in touch to chat about it!