Tuesday 7 December 2021

The Generation: Origins is available to buy

It took a while, but my book is available from all the online retailers, Lulu, where it was published, Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc. 

Here's a link to an article about the book by John Freeman on DOWNTHETUBES.NET

And some links where you can buy it LULU   Amazon uk   Amazon US   Barnes & Noble

Also, a signed copy with a sketch inside can be ordered for £20 inc p&P (in the UK) directly from me. So far, I've managed to draw a different sketch in each book. That'll probably change! I'm quite enjoying drawing headshots of my own characters, although the urge to put some characters from the second book in there is growing.

Reviews would be greatly appreciated as this really helps the book to appear more frequently on sites. Also, people are more likely to purchase a copy if there are multiple positive reviews. 

Some lessons learned from writing the book: 

Don't edit the thing myself. I still know little about the rules of the English language. Professional editors do! 

Don't end the book on a major cliffhanger after having not resolving what happened in the first part of the book either. 

Have the book edited before I hand out printed copies for people to read and give feedback on! The reason for this is because someone I gave a sample copy to decided to sell the book. I bought the copy myself off Ebay to prevent an unfinished, unedited book from being out in the wild. What made it especially galling is that the person who sold the sample copy couldn't even be bothered reading it. Thanks for that. 

I'm currently designing some prints to be used in promotions for the book. I'll post as soon as I get some pencil prelims done. I'm leaning toward using watercolour or gouache for the finished art. I've not worked in gouache for around 25 years, so that'll be interesting.

Finally, I've set up a J.G. Watson author page, so check that out for more frequent updates!