Friday 13 November 2015

LSCC: London Super Comic Con 2016

I'll be attending the Super Con in Feb next year. As usual I'm taking commissions, same prices as last year and I'll be sketching all weekend also. Sketches I do at the con itself, as always, are free, it takes the pressure off me in case they're not very good basically. And it's cool. For pre-convention sketches, continue reading!

As an added bonus I'll be sharing my table with Barry Kitson. As the time gets nearer I'll post some information about what Barry will be doing sketchwise at the con. But for now, if you want a commission from him, then get in touch with Barry through the usual ways.

Now here's the information you'll need about commissions!

All the pre con commissions are done in pencil, ink and Copic marker. I can do something different, say pencils only, or linework, just let me know. I'll also be doing colour pieces again, basically they're copic marker pieces with watercolour added. They're a lot more finished than what I can accomplish on the day of the con and they're pretty cheap!

Here are some examples:

A4 B/W. These are £40.

A4 comic sketch covers. These are £40

These are pretty popular at the moment. The DC covers are a better surface to draw on but as you can hopefully see from the Stan Lee cover above, I can still draw ok on the Marvel ones...except the dead shiny ones they did a few years ago. Well, I can still draw on them but they won;t be that good!

A4 Colour. These are £50

A3 B/W. These are £80

These tend to be more full figure than the A4 ones as they're twice the size!

A3 Colour. These are £100

I don't mind doing a couple of figures on the A3 colour pieces, as long as it doesn't get crazy with detail

I'll also have some colour prints for sale, £10 each. I think they're pretty nice. I've, at the moment, got five different ones but by the con it'll probably be up to ten, depends on whether I get chance to colour them! Here are some examples.

As well, I'll have some new original art to sell also, more details to follow with that as it draws nearer to publication. And some other original art that I've had a while (hey, who wants to own an original Marvel Apes cover?) and cover recreations for sale.

Get in touch for sketches etc by the usual methods, basically, see Twitter for updates too.