Wednesday 30 March 2016


There'll be a very slight increase in prices for some kinds of commissions starting in May this year. I've held my commission prices the same (outside of oil paintings that are, and have always been, on a by job basis) for five years so I don't think it's unreasonable. Of course, any for any people already on my commissions list then the price will be at the previously agreed level(so all you people lined up for pre-commissions for the NICE con in September can be glad you got in early.)

First, how to pay! With convention pieces I take payment at the con when you collect the art from me. If you can't make it to a convention then we can sort out me sending it you in the post. I only usually do convention style sketches leading up to a convention appearance. Usually it's cash on collection at the con. Or, if you have an I-pad and Wi-Fi I can do Paypal at cons too.

With other commissions, cover recreations, paintings etc I take payment upon completion, when you're happy with the piece. This way if I take longer to do something than planned the client isn't out of pocket and I have more incentive to get the art completed! I take Paypal, cheque or bank transfer.

Here's the full rundown...


Prices are £45 for an A4 sized one and £90 for an A3 sized one (or about 17" by 11" if you're from the USA)

I do these before convention appearances. As soon as I post that I'll be attending a con then my list for that particular convention can be considered open. Get in touch if you'd like a pre-con commission sketch doing before the convention begins, in plenty of time so I have time to fit it into my schedule/put it on my list. They're basically copic marker, pencil and ink and are  finished/detailed convention sketches. No, they're not Adam Hughes level of quality but that's reflected in the price! They do look quite nice though. As pre convention commission prices in general have seemingly gone crazy (have you seen some of the prices? And by people who've never worked in comics and can barely draw too...I won't get into that now but it irks) I'm quite the bargain . Colour will be £55 for an A4 and £110 for an A3

 An A4 Nightcrawler

 A3 Poison Ivy

A3 Lightning Lad

A4 Starfire

 A3 Tyroc

A3 Hawkgirl

A3 Poison Ivy

 A4 Wonder Girl

A3 Cosmic Boy


As I hope you can see, I do pretty nifty likenesses. These pieces often take an absolute age to do. For now, the cost is £45 A4 and £90 A3...For multiple characters it'll be more. we can work it out on a level of difficulty I guess. Colour ones (a watercolour wash) are going to be £55 or £110 for an A3 

A3 Julie Newmar

A4 Chris Hemsworth

A4 Uhura

A4 Hayley Atwell

A4 Biff

A4 Quinto Spock


Ok, sketch covers. This has escalated, I'm getting asked to do loads of these before cons now. I do have a stock of my own but these are limited so I generally ask that you provide your own comic for me to sketch on. Cost is £45 for now. I say for now because sometimes it takes an age, especially with two or more figures. Prices are for regular comic character ones and also for likenesses, examples below.  By the way, I don't mind at all if you get me to do these and then get them slabbed or sell them at a marked up price, as long as you're upfront about that, I have no problem with it!

Occasionally I get handed a very shiny Marvvel cover...these are virtually impossible to draw on, just bear that in mind when asking me to draw something!

I've been asked to do wraparounds recently. These would be twice the price!




Doc and Marty

Eartha Kitt

Hayley Atwell


These are going to be £55, for now. I've been asked to do wraparounds recently, these are going to be twice the price.



I enjoy doing these, for the most part, especially by artists who's work I like. Straight price, $300 (about £190 or so) for the linework ones. That includes me drawing in the logo, price etc. Unless you don't want it on...The full tonal pieces are $400 (£260), they're obviously more time consuming, but they look pretty nice. Cover recreations are approximately regular comic art size 15" by 11". I had increased the price on these but the strong dollar has eliminated the need! I like to think I'm reasonably priced with what I can deliver.

I also do digital colours on commissions (you'd get an A3 sized print along with the original) the colouring costs an extra $115 (or £75)

I like to try and colour them in the style of the original cover which gives the print a nice retro feel


Fully rendered black and white art! £275/ $450 for something like the pieces below.

I paint in oil on canvas board. I can work to specific size requirements but the usual size is approx 18" by 13". I used to paint on stretched canvas but various postal services seem to enjoy bending the art and trying their best to damage it. 

Below are a some examples. I'll talk about pricing underneath each image! I price each piece according to the size and subject matter. It's easier that way!

This piece was about 19'' by 13''. It'd be $2000

Flash and Superman New 52, same kind of price as the Spidey one above. Basically, a couple of figures and a detailed background. 

This one would be a little more as it's a lot more detailed than the two previous paintings.

This piece is about a metre square. It'd be about $3500

So, if you're interested in anything then get in touch via or send me a message via Twitter!