Monday 17 June 2024

To Be Continued comic convention

I'll be attending the To Be Continued (formerly NICE) comic convention in Bedford on 14th and 15th of September 2024. 

Here's the website with all the info and ticket sales. To Be Continued

As readers of my blog, and followers on Facebook will be aware, I've started working on three year long project, which means I've had to close my commission list for the foreseeable future. However, I will be opening up 5 pre-commission slots for this convention, which are to be picked up and paid for at the convention. Options will be more limited than in previous years due to time constraints. 

Basically, I'll be able to do either A4 watercolour sketches at £90 each, or A3 watercolour sketches at £240. No Copic sketches or sketches on sketchcovers, sorry. I've thought about it since I was invited to the con and I simply won't have time in my schedule to do anything other than the watercolours. Contact me via or through Facebook if you're interested.

Some examples of A3 watercolours

Examples of A4 watercolours

This will be one of my offerings for this year's sketch roulette.

Another of the pieces I'm submitting for sketch roulette this year

I will be sketching at the con, for free, as usual. But again, I'll be limiting what kind of sketches I'll be drawing. So, no sketchcovers at the con either, sorry, they simply take me too long to do. I'll be doing a mix of pencil, ink and maybe a little wash or marker sketching. No reserving spots on my list before the con, this gives everyone who wants a sketch a chance to get on my list.  

Hopefully I'll also have copies of another book I've been working on with my friend, Russell Payne. It's called Watson & Payne; a collaborative failure, and is about our time working on a project together for several years that ended in, you guessed right, failure. It all depends on whether Russ finishes his part. If he does, it'll be available to buy at the con. And both of us will be happy to sign and sketch copies too, as Russ will be accompanying me to the con. 

I'll also have copies of the two books I've published so far and I'll be sketching and signing those. And I'm happy to sign anything from the world of comics that I've worked on. 

I'm not sure if I'll have any artwork for sale on the weekend. I'm hoping to, but that's only if I find time to draw/paint something beforehand. I may find some stuff hidden away in folders that I've not sold. 

As for the project I'm working on, it's something I still can't talk about or show any work from, but I'm really enjoying it! I can say it involves oil painting.