Wednesday 30 September 2015

Thought Bubble Comic Con 14/15th November 2015

Quick update!

I'll be at the Thought Bubble comic con on the 14th of November. Right now I'm not sure I'll be at the con on the Sunday also. I'm not 100% sure I'll have a table to sketch at right now but I will be attending. So, if you want to commission me for anything then feel free to. I'll post a time nearer the date of the con when it'll be possible to pick up the art from me on the Saturday.
Prices are as usual, £40 for A4 or sketch covers (leave enough time for me to draw the thing if you're sending these to me!) and £80 for A3. I probably won't have time to do colour stuff, but you can always ask!

Here are some examples of previous commissions and pieces I've brought along to sell at other conventions!

First up, sketch covers...these are proving to be pretty popular right now, £40.

A couple of A3 pieces

And an A4 piece

Make sure you don't leave it too late, for example the day before the con, to ask me to do something for you!

Wednesday 23 September 2015

BAltimore Comic Con update

Off to Baltimore for my first Stateside comic convention in the morning. I was hoping to get a blog up about NICE last weekend but I'll have to put that off, needless to say it was great though!

For anyone attending the convention this coming weekend I'll be at table #210, next to Barry Kitson. Pop over and say hi, check out some art and get a sketch! After the text are a couple of sketches I'll have for sale. There are plenty more, these jut happen to be a couple I've scanned!

I'm hoping to have some prints and booklets with me too, jsut trying to figure out how to pack them right now...I'm having to leave my banner at home as it just won't fit and would be cheaper, with excess baggage charges, to have another one made whilst I'm in the States!

Hope to see you there!

Thursday 3 September 2015

NICE comic con, quick update regarding sketch covers

Since I'm getting asked to draw more and more pre con commissions on blank comic book covers I figured I'd bring some with me to sell! So I've got some DC issues headed my way, Superman, Batman, Titans. I'm not doing Marvel for now as I need to find some issues that have paper stock tat doesn't try and repel ink, Copic marker and sometimes pencil! I'll post a few examples here as I get them finished!

Tuesday 1 September 2015

NICE comic convention update

Only a couple of weeks to go now until the con so get in touch soon if you want a pre con commission doing. Here are a few pieces I've already finished for people to pick up on the weekend.

If you want to get on my free sketchlist (I sketch for free at the actual con) then come by early and get on the list. There's no need to stand in line and wait, just get your name on the list and come back later. Hopefully the sketch will be done!

I'll have the usual collection of things to peruse and sell!

Also, as you can see, I have now joined Twitter. It seemed like a good idea so I can let people know what I'm up to and which cons I'll be appearing at over the coming months. I'm not really sure how it works yet so expect some odd posts (or tweets).

Back to work now (I have the Baltimore con the week after NICE so I have twice the sketching to do)