Friday 12 May 2017

Commissions and sketchcovers

I'm being asked to do more sketchcovers than ever (which is great) so I thought it'd be timely to post some examples with prices that people can link to. If you have blanks that you'd like me to draw the commission on, great, you can send them to me. I do also have a selection of blanks in stock.

If you need a commission for a specific con (ie. a Stan Lee for San Diego) so that you can get the book signed by an actor/actress or artist, then make sure you give me enough time to draw the piece and get it back to you in time! Sometimes I can fulfill a last minute request but not always!!

I also work with Scott's Collectables (for example with the recent Mark Hamill signing) so if you're looking to get a book that I've sketched slabbed or consign a book to them to get signed by an actor then I can send it straight to Scott's with the relevant forms to verify that I drew and signed the art.

So, here are some examples...first up, b/w single figure sketchcovers, copic, pencil and ink. £45

Colour sketchcovers £55

The following would be examples of pieces that are priced on a per job basis and would include multiple figures, detailed backgrounds and cover recreations.

Wraparounds are twice the price.

And some examples of pieces that've been slabbed via Scott's Collectables after being signed by an actor, in this case, Mark Hamill.