Tuesday 18 April 2017

I'll be attending Thought Bubble on the weekend of the 23/24 September this year. I'll only be sketching for a short time each day, 90 minutes, like last year, as I'll be on the rotating creator table. As a result, if you want to get on my sketchlist then please come by early or you'll be disappointed. I'll be sketching on the weekend for free, as usual.

I'll be taking pre convention commissions as usual. See details below for prices and examples of the different stuff I do! I'm fast running out of space on my commission list! 
Get in touch if you'd like a pre-con commission sketch doing before the convention begins, in plenty of time so I have chance to fit it into my schedule/put it on my list. 
They're basically copic marker, pencil and ink and are  finished/detailed convention sketches. No, they're not Adam Hughes level of quality but that's reflected in the price! They do look quite nice though. As pre convention commission prices in general have seemingly gone crazy (have you seen some of the prices? And by people who've never worked in comics and can barely draw too...I won't get into that now but it irks) I'm quite the bargain 

I'll also have a variety of Copic marker tonal sketches for sale at the con as well as a selection of DC, Marvel, IDW, Archie and Dynamite sketchcovers and some original art too! I'll try and post pics of some of the pieces I have for sale nearer the time (and when I've had chance to draw them!)

Contact me at watson904@btinternet.com or via twitter @johnwatsonart or on Facebook to arrange a commisssion.



Ok, sketch covers. This has escalated, I'm getting asked to do loads of these before cons now. I do have a stock of my own but these are limited so I generally ask that you provide your own comic for me to sketch on. Cost is £45 for a b/w cover. Prices are for regular comic character ones and also for likenesses, examples below.  By the way, I don't mind at all if you get me to do these and then get them slabbed or sell them at a marked up price, as long as you're upfront about that, I have no problem with it at all! It's pretty cool seeing a piece I drew signed by Stan Lee or Michael J Fox!

Occasionally I get handed a very shiny Dynamite Entertainment cover...these are virtually impossible to draw on, just bear that in mind when asking me to draw something! The less shiny, the better. 

I've been asked to do wraparounds recently. These would be twice the price!


These are going to be £55, for now. I've been asked to do wraparounds too, these are going to be twice the price, see the Daredevil and Punisher cover below!

This photo shows the above comic signed by Mark Hamill and slabbed. Pretty cool!

I also draw on paper as well as sketchcovers! £45 for an A4 sized drawing and £90 for an A3 sized one (or about 17" by 11" if you're from the USA)
Colour will be £55 for an A4 and £110 for an A3

A4 Hemsworth Thor

A4 Evans Captain America

A4 Nightcrawler

A3 Julie Newmar Catwoman

A3 Wondergirl

A4 Quinto Spock

A3 White Queen

A4 Wonder girl

I'm also going to be doing watercolours, not colour over Copics, but just painted watercolours. I've painted some covers using watercolour recently instead of my usual oil and really enjoyed it. Examples to follow! 

I also do cover recreations, fully tonal finished drawings, oil paintings...pretty much most stuff. Feel free to enquire!

Friday 7 April 2017

Update (a quick one)

It's been a very hectic start to the year. As you may have noticed, I'm not doing very many conventions this year. Part of that is that I'm busy and part is because there just aren't many cons that are actually comic conventions anymore. So I'm attending LSCC and Thought Bubble, conventions that have comic creators in attendance and have stalls that sell comics. There are just too many 'comic cons' on every weekend that have nothing to do with comics outside of people selling knock-off prints, pop funko's and people posing as Marvel artists who've never worked for them.

I've been working using watercolour and gouache recently, I'll be able to post some stuff soon when it's all approved. I'm quite pleased with the results and it's a lot quicker than working in oils. I've never really used watercolour outside of doing a few washes over some Copic marker drawings (well, I used to use gouache at school, did a painting for my GCSE art exam) and I'm really enjoying the process.

Regarding the book I'm writing with Russell Payne: It's getting there, albeit very slowly. There are flurries of activity every few months from Russ. We're in one of the quiet times right now, however the last chapters I saw from him were great. So, hopefully this year, it will be published.

I need to go work!

I'll try and update this blog more regularly but in the meantime, see Facebook for any updates and news!