Friday 14 December 2018


There'll be a slight increase in prices for some kinds of commissions starting in 2019. Nothing massive, but I do need to tweak a few prices, mainly on multiple figure pieces that take an age. My prices are, I have to say, pretty reasonable and I do think I offer value for money. There, that's the extent of me advertising myself, onto business.

I accept postal commissions all year round. So, if you can't make it to one of the very few comic cons I attend then no problem, we can sort it out online! 
Because of the cost to send a blank sketch cover in a mailer to the US, almost doubling for some reason, (seriously, gone from £4+ to £7+ since my last trip to the PO) I'll have to start charging for postage to places outside the UK. It'll be £5. For postal commissions within the UK, postage is free, unless it's a massive piece or there's some other one off situation involved.

How to pay: First, I take payment upon completion of the job, it makes the wait easier and also gives me incentive to get the commission finished. If the piece is for collection at one of the comic cons I attend, then cash on collection is fine. Also, if you have a phone, Paypal is obviously possible at cons too. Cheques are ok, at least until the last bank within several miles of where I live closes. 

Here's the full rundown of what I do with examples and prices.


These are still £50 for a b/w Copic sketch like the examples below, a single figure bust, a close up etc, even a single full figure or basic background. For a wrap that'd be £100. Colour (Copics and ink with watercolour wash) will be £60, £120 for a wrap. For anything like multiple figures, detailed background, complicated compositions etc then it'll be on a per job basis. We're not talking hundreds of pounds or anything, but they will be more money than the base price!

Also, I must point out, that the quality of blank variant titles varies greatly depending on the publisher. For example, DC generally have the best surface to draw on, it's a decent surface. Except Adventures of Supergirl which has a surface like 1970's school toilet paper and has my vote as the worst blank variant ever made. 

Marvel tend to be hit and miss, some are fine, some are ink, Copic, paint and even pencil repellent. The most recent ones are the best but they do have a tendency to soak up the colour from paint. Also, be mindful that some Marvel blanks have a massive logo plastered across them that inhibits greatly where they can be drawn on. Why? No idea, it's inane. Consider that when considering those blanks for commissions!

Dynamite...every tool I use skates across the almost plastic surface and coagulates in a pool of frustration. So, not all art options that I do will be available for every blank variant. We can always talk about it beforehand. Time for the art!

Newmar, £50

Boba Fett £60

Chadwick Boseman, £50

Meriwether Catwoman £50

Lando Calrissian £50

Gal Gadot £50

Eartha Kitt Catwoman £50

Alfred £50

Reeve Superman £50

Adam West £50

West and Ward, £75

Stan £50

Hawkman £60

Poison Ivy £60

Poison Ivy £60

Spidey v Hobgoblin £75

Poison Ivy £60 (I get asked to do a fair few Ivy's)

Jessica Jones, £75

Spidey, £60

Gustin, Flash, £60

I can also do the above style of detailed sketches on regular paper, either A4 £50 (£60 for colour)or A3 £100 (£120 for colour), if you don't want them on blank variant covers. Again, it's a similar situation regarding detailed backgrounds and multiple figures. They'll be priced on a per job basis. One thing I no longer offer, on any surface, is likenesses of people who aren't celebrities, by that I mean family members, friends etc. It's just a load of hassle. Sorry.

Cover recreations on blanks start at £70. They're pretty tricky to do although they do look nice!


 These aren't to be confused with the Copic pieces with a colour wash, these are true watercolours, no ink or marker involved. There are a few of them amongst the sketchcovers above.

Prices start at £200 for a watercolour piece A3 in size. That'd be with a fully rendered figure, or two if it's simple, with a basic background. For a more detailed background, for example with rendered buildings, it'd be more money, say £250. For multiple figures, a battle, then it'd go up in price again. See examples below with listed prices for an idea of the different prices.

A3 Rita Farr based on attack of the 50ft woman movie poster, £250

A3 Daredevil 8 recreation £200

A3 Deathbird, £200

A3 Hawkman #11 recreation £200

A3 Batman v Ivy, £225

A3 Spidey, £220

A3 cover recreation £200

A3 Teen Titans, £220

A3 JLA defeated, £275

A3 Hawkman 19 recreation £200

Prices for A4 watercolours like the pieces below are £60.

A2 Watercolours. Prices start at £450 
Ok, oversized pieces are something I've been asked about a few times over the last year. I actually got around to doing one recently! It's too big to scan so here's a ropey photo.


I enjoy doing these, for the most part, especially by artists who's work I like. Straight price, $300 (about £200) for the linework ones. That includes me drawing in the logo, price etc. Unless you don't want it on...The full tonal pieces are $400 (£250), they're obviously more time consuming, but they look pretty nice. Cover recreations are approximately regular comic art size 15.5" by 11".

I also do completely original linework commissions and also original tonal pieces done in pencil, ink and Copics. Same pricing as the recreations. See the examples below after the recreations!

Tonal piece, $400/£250

Tonal piece $400/£250

Tonal Hawkgirl piece in my style

Tonal, $400/£250

The following pieces are original compositions but are in the style of another artist

One important note, I'll no longer be doing straight copies of existing covers. There'll have to be something different about the version I'm asked to draw, whether it's a change of characters or different logos etc.

I also offer digital colours on commissions (you'd get an A3 sized print along with the original) the colouring costs an extra $115 (or £80)

I paint in oil on canvas board. I can work to specific size requirements but the usual size is approx 18" by 13". I used to paint on stretched canvas but various postal services seem to enjoy bending the art and trying their best to damage it. 

Below are a some examples. I'll talk about pricing underneath each image! I price each piece according to the size and subject matter. It's easier that way!

This was $2000/£1500. 18" by 13", lots of detail. Spidey in oils, background in acrylic.

Lots of figures, 18 by 13, oil. This would be about $2000/£1500

An older piece, but useful for price comparison. This would be about £1000

Oversized oil. 24" in height. This would be $2750/£2000

Multiple figures, simple background, this would be around £1350

Around £1250, more detail than the Batman v Scarecrow 

Lots of detail, multiple figures, $2000/£1500

So, if you're interested in anything then get in touch via or send me a message via Facebook!