Monday, 7 June 2021

The Generation: Origins update

It's been over six years since I began writing the book, but it's finished! The final edit has been done and I've ordered a proof copy. If the formatting has survived the change from a Word document to a PDF, then I'll be able to publish the thing.

I've been wondering what to do about publishing the book. I've used Lulu before to print my collections of cover recreations, and they've been pretty good, for the most part. I'm only planning to print the book in paperback, no E-books for now. The reason behind this is that it's taken me a long time to develop and write this thing and I know that, if I do put it out as an E-book, it'll be slapped on a pirate site. That irks me. I know writers think that they lose a lot of sales through illegal downloads, but I've no way of knowing that for certain. Basically, I just don't want people to nick the book after I've put so much time and effort into creating it. I suppose if someone takes the time to scan each page (278, I've used 11pt text to use less pages and keep the costs down) and then whack it online for free, then okay, that at least shows dedication and commitment. Well played. But it'll be print only, for now.

It will be available to buy on Amazon, although I'd prefer it if people bought it from Lulu, anywhere else, or from me directly. Yes, that might be a little more hassle than using Amazon's one click, free postage set-up, but the fact is, I make almost five times the money if someone buys the book from Lulu as opposed to Amazon. And I pay tax too. But, by all means, leave a review on Amazon!

The book will cost £11.99, or less than the price of 3 comic books. 

Here are the different characters who receive their own first person chapters in the book. I thought having an image at the start of each chapter would be a good way to differentiate between the characters and who was talking/sharing their thoughts, for the reader. 

First, we have Matthew Talbot, an intelligencer working under William Cecil. 

Here's Matthew's brother, Will Talbot. A soldier courtier in King Edward VI's court.

Next we have William Cecil, who one day will become Queen Elizabeth's chief advisor. He's not yet risen to his full power when this tale takes place, but is still a man to be feared. 

Finally, we have Henry Williams, a 14 year old boy from Blackpool. 

I'm well along with book two, the working title is currently 'The Generation: A New England, and have around five chapters to write until I complete the first draft. My editor on the first book, Rob Rundle, has kindly offered to edit the second book too. As he'll be on board a lot earlier in the process, that should speed up the process somewhat!

Tuesday, 29 December 2020


For the second year in a row, I'm not changing my commission prices. I don't think it's right given the year we've had and the uncertain outlook with everything moving forward. 

I accept postal commissions all year round. So, if conventions don't return in 2021, we can sort it out online.
I've just been to the PO for the first time this year and discovered that Royal Mail have decided to double the cost of postage to the USA. So, from now on there'll be a basic charge of £10 for postage for anything going abroad. Otherwise, especially with sketchcovers, they're not worth drawing at the prices I do them at. For cover recreations it'll be £15. Again, that's less than what it costs to post something that size and weight to the USA, but it'll help keep my prices down. For large pieces, such as oil paintings, I'll be using UPS. For postal commissions within the UK, postage is free, unless it's a massive piece, a stack of blank covers, or there's some other one off situation involved, in which case, there'll be a fee.

How to pay: First, I take payment upon completion of the job, it makes the wait easier and also gives me incentive to get the commission finished. Paypal, bank transfer or cheque are all fine.

Here's the full rundown of what I do with examples and prices. As you'll see if you're a regular client, there isn't much new art, basically because I've been very limited with time since March due to the Covid-19 situation (and before the lockdown in March I was dealing with a sick parent). 


These are still £50 for a b/w Copic sketch like the examples below, a single figure bust, a close up etc, even a single full figure or basic background. For a wrap that'd be £100. Colour (Copics and ink with watercolour wash) will be £60, £120 for a wrap. For anything like multiple figures, detailed background, complicated compositions etc then it'll be on a per job basis. We're not talking hundreds of pounds or anything, but they will be a little more money than the base price!

Also, I must point out, that the quality of blank variant titles varies greatly depending on the publisher. For example, DC generally have the best surface to draw on.
Marvel tend to be hit and miss. Also, be mindful that some Marvel blanks have a massive logo plastered across them that inhibits greatly where they can be drawn on. Why? No idea, it's inane. Think about that when considering those blanks for a commission!
Dynamite...every tool I use skates across the almost plastic surface and coagulates in a pool of frustration. So, not all options will be available for every blank variant. We can always talk about it beforehand. 
Just be aware that occasionally, I can't do what you want on a specific sketch cover so you may have to be prepared to accept an alternative. I have managed to draw some ok stuff on Dynamite blanks over the past year, but it was sans Copics! Time for the art!

Eartha Kitt, £50

Obi-Wan, £50 

Palpatine, £50

Jane Fonda, £50. Considering the surface, I thought this one came out quite well. Pencil and ink, no markers on this one, Dynamite can't cope with it.

Julie Newmar and Adam West, £65

Josh Brolin, Thanos, £50

Michael Rooker, Copics with colour wash, £60

Brie Larson, £50

Reeve and Kidder, £65

Poison Ivy portrait, £60

Adam west portrait, £50

Poison Ivy v Batman, £65

I can also do the above style of detailed sketches on regular paper, either A4 sized at £50 (£60 for colour (Copics with a watercolour wash) or A3 sized for £100 (£120 for colour), if you don't want them on blank variant covers. Again, it's a similar situation regarding detailed backgrounds and multiple figures. They'll be priced on a per job basis. 
One thing I no longer offer, on any surface, is likenesses of people who aren't celebrities, by that I mean family members, friends etc. It's just a load of hassle. Sorry. I know I've broken this edict in the past, but no more! 

Examples of A3 Copic tonal sketches

Joker's Daughter, A3 £110 (splash of colour)

Medusa A3 £110 (splash of colour)


 These aren't to be confused with the Copic pieces with a colour wash, these are true watercolours, no ink or marker involved. 

Prices start at £200 for a watercolour piece A3 in size. That'd be with a fully rendered figure, or two if it's simple, with a basic background. For a more detailed background, for example with rendered buildings, it'd be more money, say £250. For multiple figures involved in a battle, then it'd go up in price again. See examples below with listed prices for an idea of the different costs.

Jakita Wagner, A3 watercolour, £200

Brie Larson, A3 watercolour, £200

Poison Ivy v Batman A3 watercolour £225

Web of Spider-Man #1 watercolour recreation A3 £200

The following are examples of A4 watercolours

90s Rogue, £60

Kid Flash, £60

70s Martian Manhunter, £60

Emma Frost, £60

Jean Grey, Black Queen, £60

Wonder Girl £60 

Speedy from Arrow based on Green Arrow #1 cover. £60

Banshee, full figure watercolour A4, £60


I enjoy doing these, for the most part, especially by artists who's work I like. Standard price, $300 (about £220) for the linework ones. That includes me drawing in the logo, price etc. Unless you don't want it on...The full tonal pieces are $400 (£270), they're obviously more time consuming, but they look pretty nice. I also colour recreations digitally, the cost of the digital colouring (a full size colour print is included too) is $100. Cover recreations are approximately regular comic art size 15.5" by 11".

I also do completely original linework commissions and also original tonal pieces done in pencil, ink and Copics. Same pricing as the recreations. See an example of those below after the recreations!

The linework recreations, $300

Digital colouring, original art and colour print included, $400. An example of an original (non recreation) commission.

Another example of an original linework piece, re-imagining this time, coloured digitally.

The tonal recreations, $400 each

Example of digital colour over tonal b/w art.

The following are in another artist's style (Nick Cardy in this case) but are original compositions.


I paint in oil on canvas board. I can work to specific size requirements but the usual size is approx 18" by 13". I used to paint on stretched canvas but various postal services seem to enjoy bending the art and trying their best to damage it. I always use UPS to post oils, it's quicker to foreign lands and that helps alleviate the stress of art being in the post. Also, both the recipient and I can track it (something unavailable with Royal mail and USPS, despite what they say.)

Below are a some examples. I'll talk about pricing underneath each image. I price each piece according to the size and subject matter. 

Daredevil, 24" tall, $2750

TV and Movie Heroes, 24" $3000. This one cost more because of the extra time to get the likeness right.

Oversized canvas, 24" tall, $2750 (£2000)

Oversized canvas 24" wide, $2750

Surfer cover recreation in oil, approx 18" tall $2000 (about £1500)

About 18" tall, $2000

Batman C-44 Collector's Edition oil recreation, $2000 

18" tall about $2000

Oversized 24" tall, based on Silver Surfer 4 cover, $2750

18" tall, $2000

Oversized, 24" tall, $2750

If you're interested in me doing a commission, then get in touch via or message me on FB!