Tuesday 21 March 2023

NICE Comic Sept 2/3 2023

I'll be attending NICE this year on the weekend of 2/3 Sept. It's been four years since my last con appearance, which also happened to be NICE. I'm opening up my list for commissions that can be picked up at the con. If you're interested in having me draw something for you then contact me via email at johnwatsonart@gmail.com or through FaceBook, if you prefer. 

I'll be bringing pre-done artwork with me to sell on the weekend too, A3 and A4 watercolours as well as sketch covers - both comic book and movie/tv based pieces. 

Also, I'll have copies of my first and (the plan is) second novels to sell, which I'll be happy to sign and draw sketches in. Prints based on the book series will be available to buy at the con which I'll draw quick sketches on/sign for anyone purchasing one. There'll also be prints available for sale that are comic book based, but don't infringe copyright. 

I'll be signing and sketching at the con over the course of the weekend and, as usual, I'll be doing that for free. No reserving slots before the con starts on the Saturday morning. That way everyone has the same opportunity to grab one. 

Let's have a look at examples of art and prices!

First up, we have watercolours. The prices are as follows - A4 single figure, torso or headshot with a basic colour in the background are £70. For more than one figure or something with a more detailed background, we're looking at £80-90. A3 prices are £200 which would be for one or two figures and a basic background (real simple, not buildings or anything). See the descriptions under the following pieces of art for more information.

Reeve A4 watercolour, £70

Goblin A4 watercolour, £70

Guiness Obi-Wan A4 watercolour, £70

Adam West Batman, A4 watercolour, £70

Two-Face v Batman, A3 watercolour, £200

Hobgoblin v Spidey, A3 watercolour, £200

Spidey (after Vess) A3 watercolour with background, £225

Spidey v the Goblin, A3 watercolour with background, £225

Pencil Sketches! While drawing the pencil sketches for sketch roulette this year, I thought, why not make pencil sketches an option? So, something like the A4 pieces below would be £40. Also applicable for pencil art on blank sketch covers. 

This sketch is the from the same ref as the Copic Black Cat sketch below. Thought it'd be a handy comparison between the different styles and finish.

Sketch covers! A b/w single figure, torso or likeness of an actor/actress using Copic markers would be £60. A wrap would be £120. If you want a watercolour wash over the b/w art then it'd be £70. And watercolours on sketch covers are £70 too. Again, a wrap would be double. Anything else, multiple figures, detailed backgrounds etc, let's talk! See examples below.

Black Cat, Copic markers, £60

Bat villains, Copics, £75

Keaton and Nicholson, A4 Copics and wash, £75

Fett, Copics and watercolour wash, £70

Deadpool, Copic and wash, £70

Frank Gorshin, Copics, £60

Luke Skywalker, Copics, £60

Posion Ivy, watercolour, $70

Jessica Jones, Copics and watercolour wash with background, £80

Eartha Kitt Catwoman, Copics, £60

Julie Newmar Catwoman, Copics, £60

Spider Gwen, A3 Copics with partial wash, £120

Hobgoblin v Spidey watercolour, £80

West and Ward Copics, £75

With sketchcovers, bear in mind that the blank covers are of differing quality and range from decent (DC are usually the best and can take paint ok) to Dynamite (like trying to draw or paint on ice).

My commission list is open all year round. As a rule, I don't take money upfront for sketchcovers, watercolours or recreations. However, with the bigger jobs, such as oil paintings, that take a long time to create, I do take a deposit. And, as a result of a couple of people who are currently ghosting me, if you're a new client, it'll now be a 50% deposit upfront for oil paintings. 

I usually stick to watercolour and Copic sketches and watercolours for cons, but I'm happy to do the oils and recreations outside of cons, so if you'd like one (See examples below), please contact me using johnwatsonart@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

Oil on board, 24" by 16" $3000

Oil on canvas panel 24" by 16" $3000

Oil on canvas panel 18" by 13 " $2250

Oil on canvas panel, 24" by 16" $3000

Oil on canvas panel 18" by 13" $2250

Oil on canvas panel 18" by 13" $2250

Oil on canvas panel 18" by 13" $2250

Oil on canvas panel 18" by 13" $2250

Oil on canvas panel 18" by 13" $2250

Recreations: These are £220 ($300) or around that figure. Digital colour or tonal work pieces are £300 ($400)

Linework with digital colours added. $400. With this you'd get the original line art and a print of the coloured piece at original artwork size

Same deal as with the first recreation above

With the amount of detail in this piece, it'd be £235



Here's the previous piece with digital colouring. With these I try and make the colouring as close to the original cover the art is based on as possible. 


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