Tuesday 19 April 2016

Hollywood Comes To Blackpool Convention

I'll be signing and sketching at the Hollywood Comes to Blackpool Convention on Saturday 14th May! Usually all the cons I attend are down South so it's nice to have one that's virtually on my doorstep (seriously, it's about two minutes from where I live!). I've not been to the NorbreckHotel since I was in the swimming club there in the 1980's.

Here's the link to their Facebook page Hollywood Blackpool Con

The proceeds of the convention are for charity so I'll be approaching the sketching aspect of the con a little differently than usual. I'll be sketching all day but I'll be doing as many as possible and be asking for donations (to be put in a tub at my table) for every sketch done. There's no set amoount, feel free to put in what you like!

As always I'll have a selection of artwork and prints for sale on the day also. I've got some nifty Star Trek oil paintings that've been used for covers recently and the accompanying prelim art, a couple of linework Marvel covers also.

I'll be opening a list for pre convention commissions. These are fully rendered Copic marker sketches that are a lot more detailed than what I can do at the con as I draw them in my studio beforehand. The cost is £45 for an A4 b/w and £90 for an A3 b/w piece. I won;t have time to do any coloured ones this time. Get in touch soon if you'd like something drawing as time is pretty tight on this one and I'll have to fit the work into my schedule!

Here are some examples of previous commissions!

Bones done on a blank variant sketchcover. £45

Julie Newmar A3 sized, £90

Hayley Atwell, blank variant comic, £45

Hayley Atwell, Agent Carter, A4, £45

Biff, Back to the Future, A4, As yet unsold!

Nightcrawler, A4 £45

Wonder Girl A4 £45

As always I'll have a selection of pre drawn convention sketches for sale along with the other published work and a selection of prints that'll be £10 each. See examples of those below!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday 7 April 2016


I drew this before I did th Subby and Sue version I posted here the other day. It's another piece I'll be colouring soon and probably be selling that as a print at future comic conventions.

Drawing The Legion never gets tired for me and as I've mentioned on numerous occasions the Dave Cockrum outfits are some of the best, hence the use of them here!

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Fantastic Four #16

Every so often, when I get the time inbetween commissions and trying to write a book with a work shy narcissist, I like to draw cover recreations. This one is based on one of the wonderfully rendered Matt Baker romance covers of the 1950's, Diary Secrets #16.

I've always thought of Baker as a looser Dave Stevens and, without having researched the matter, an influence on him.

I'll post the coloured version when I get it finished!

I realised, and had it pointed out to me, that I do mainly DC pieces. I intend to rectify that over the coming months. I have a Spidey piece in the works too...

The understated colours on this cover are great, not too much in the way of a pallette but it has all the information needed to work alongside the art and create the idea of a summer's day.