Thursday 5 December 2013

LSCC 2014

LSCC March 15 & 16, 2014

Excel Centre, London

I'll be attending LSCC in March next year. As last year, get in touch if you'd like a pre-con commission sketch doing. They're basically copic marker,  finished/detailed convention sketches. I'd like to say they're similar to what Adam Hughes (did) or Copiel does for pre-con commission sketches...but they're clearly not as good as the sketches they do (And the price reflects that!) They do look quite nice though! 

See the entry for Bristol 2013 for a few examples. 

Prices are £80 for an 11" by 17" (or A3 depending on where you live) and £40 for one half the size (A4)

I will be sketching at the con as well, both Saturday and Sunday but as I'm really slow and also can't talk and draw at the same time the number I can do will be limited. The sketches I do at the con are free, they're not as detailed or finished as the pre-con ones mentioned above...but they're ok. 

As the spots are limited I'll have to ask that you come over on the day and get your name added to the list. This is fair as otherwise, if people get on the list before the con starts, then I'm booked up before it even starts...

Also, a few people have asked about me doing other kinds of commissions for them before the con. These will be increasingly difficult to fit into my schedule as they take longer and I'm getting booked if you'd like a recreation, a full tonal piece or something else then it'll have to be sorted soon!

I'd like to make this post a little more detailed but I wasn't aware until I started getting commission requests that it'd been announced I was a this is a quick one.

I'll also have a folder of pre-con sketches for sale (like last year)

I'll also be easier to find as I'll be at my assigned table and have a banner with my name on it...hopefully...

Here are a couple of pre con pieces from LSCC 2013...

More detailed blog to follow at some point over the next week...but right now I have to draw something, it's after 11 already and I've accomplished nothing today.

I'd add more images but I'm pretty inept at making copies of art. If I find some, or if anyone has an example of something I've drawn that looks ok then get in touch!

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