Tuesday 10 June 2014

ADVENTURE COMICS #11, Chapter One of the Adventures of the Legion of Crime


This is the first chapter in a storyline that's set on Earth 3 and follows the adventures of the Legion of Crime, the Legion's evil counterparts that were inspired by the 20th Century Ultra Boy, the youthful version of the Crime Syndicate's Ultra Man.  

I thought it'd be interesting to follow the adventures of the villainous counterparts of the Legion that were introduced in the first issue of this commission series, seeing how they war against the Science Police, bicker amongst themselves and vie for supremacy. They use one another to their own advantage, some of them may be friends, but for the right price they'll betray them all...

Do any of them have redeeming qualities? Probably. With just doing covers there won't be much chance for character development really. But the covers will all be narrative in content. I think this first one has the least narrative...it's a basic crime scenario with some of the team hiding from the Sp, ready to attack. 

Here's the uncoloured version below...

Some of the covers will be based on existing covers, I'll talk about that in future posts. 

Also, a few people have asked is any of these pieces are for sale. They're not, they've all been commissioned. But, if anyone is interested then I can always do similar pieces...


  1. John...the art is up to his usual high standards but the creativity in story-telling is off the charts ! I LOVE that you shaking things up. You are inspiring me to throw caution to the wind on " Multiplicity of Murders "

  2. Was this image a tip to the hat & homage ? It feels like a blending of Adventure comics 377 and Superboy / Legion 207...regardless it is very cool.

  3. Adventure 377 was what initiated this idea...and I swiped the colour scheme for the logo from that issue also!

  4. I just bumped into this neat cover. I'd like to see more of it in the future.