Tuesday, 16 December 2014

johnwatsonart.com is down and has been for some time.

I've been told my site www.johnwatsonart.com is down and has been for some time, for months actually. I've been trying to sort it out but have so far met with frustration. 

Easyspace have done nothing to reestablish the link or get the site up again, they've managed to fail on every level. Their levels of ineptitude are fantastic. For example a phone call to them at 5pm is rewarded with a message that tells you that the office is now closed and to call back during office hours, between 830 am and 530 pm...for pity's sake.

So, sorry about that. Hopefully soon the site will be back up. In the meantime I'm still drawing and it only looks like I've let things slide and have disappeared or possibly died. If it continues to be a problem then I'll have to develop a new website and change all my banners and information...I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but Easyspace are trying their best to be so inept that it'll become the only option...

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