Saturday, 23 May 2015

ADVENTURE COMICS #20: Final issue of the Adventure Comics commission series.

This is a postscript cover after the epic battle with Darkseid in the last issue. Shrinking Violet, after betraying her team mates in the Legion has sacrificed herself to save multiple earths. You can see the Earth 3 Ultra Boy, the reason she joined the Crime Legion, in the background, unable to join in the unveiling of the memorial statue to her . Obviously this cover is based on the one to Suerboy and the Legion #274.

This was a fun commission series to draw and work on. There'll be more Legion based series in the future though! For example, check out the Multiplicity of Murders series I drew that Aidan Lacy is posting over on Comic Art Fans.


  1. This entire run has been staggeringly good.

  2. Thanks John! It's been a lot of fun. I have another series planned, it's about 50 issues at the moment...

  3. 50 Issues .Wow ! And I thought I was pushing you on the Multiplicity project. You have a done a great job with these

  4. FIFTY!!!!

    Blimey, you'll have no time for commissions --- and we can't have that. There's still a whole bunch of stuff on my list ...

  5. Replies
    1. Because it's a statue of her. It's based on the cover to LSH 274, which depicts a memorial and statue unveiling. Saturn Girl was an addition.