Friday 10 July 2015


I'll be attending the Baltimore Comic Con in September. It's my first US con and I'm really looking forward to it. It's a totally new experience for me!

I'll post more about the convention as it gets nearer as I have a few more cons to attend beforehand, but below is a list of commission prices and other info that people have been asking me about regarding Baltimore.

Firstly, my commission list is now open. So feel free to contact me with any enquiries or commission requests.

 Contact me with a request and I'll add you to my list, do the commission, bring it with me and then you pay for it at the con! The pre-ordered commissions are more finished and better looking than the ones I can do at the convention. I've been told they're priced very reasonably. Here is, I'm hoping, a comprehensive list of what I do commission wise!

A4 (about 10 by 7.5")B/W pre con sketches $60. These are done in Copic Marker, a little pencil, and ink.

The following examples aren't great photos! I snapped 'em real quick as I was heading out of the studio to a con...if I get chance I'll scan some pieces I'm doing for a con next week! Imagine them with nice crisp whites instead of gray backgrounds!

A4 B/W movie and TV sketches $60. These are better scans!

I can also do the movie and tv likeness pieces in the bigger size (I did a nifty John Watson from Sherlock earlier this year). Here's one of Julie Newmar for example...

A4 Color Sketches $75, Copics with watercolour mixed in. Again, ropey photos, not scans...but you get the idea!

A3 (about original comic book art size) B/W $120

A3 Color sketches $140

Cover recreations $300, including all text and logos. B/W pen and ink. I don't do straight copies, only reimagined, like below.

Colour Cover recreations $400. For this price you get the original art and also a print of the digital colours. It won't be reproduced for anybody else, it'll be the only copy! Here's an example of a piece I did recently.

And one I did for fun (this will be available as a print as it wasn't a commission for anyone)


Fully rendered tonal art $400

I won't have time to complete any oil paintings beforehand but can add you to my commission list and I'll get to them when my schedule allows! Here are a couple of examples, a single figure piece and another slightly more complicated one!

I do all these examples pre convention and bring them with me (except the oil paintings which I've just spoken about!). Payment upon collection at the con.

I'll also be bringing with me a decent selection of finished sketches and cover recreations to sell on the weekend of the convention, prices the same as above.

I will also have a selection of coloured prints with me for sale at $15 each. They're about 18" in height on litho paper stock. Some examples below.

And finally, I will be sketching at the convention too. The price of these will be $20 for a 10" by 7.5" Copic marker sketch. They're not as finished as the pre-ordered ones but more often than not they're pretty neat! Come up to my table (booth?) at the con and get on the list!

However, as a bit of fun, I'll be putting together a series of Legion of Superheroes based questions along with my co-pilot for the weekend, Aidan Lacy. If you can answer the question correctly then you get the sketch for free (this would be a sketch drawn at the con, not a pre-done one that I bring with me, just want to be certain on that point!)

I hope all the above is clear. If not then feel free to email me with any enquiries or questions!

I'll be posting some updates as we get nearer to the con. If you're going then I hope to see you there and be sure to come over and say hi!


  1. For anyone thinking about this but who's not entirely not sure - John's work is absolutely astonishing. The two Babylon 5 pieces in the post below were done for me as part of a series, as well as a cover recreation. They are amazing, and very reasonably priced!

  2. I agree John does an amazing what are you waiting for ??