Thursday, 15 September 2016

Nor-Con 6, 8th October

I'll be a guest at Nor-Con 6 on the 8th October. I'll be sketching all day, these are free but aren't as finished as the pieces that I do beforehand as commissions or to sell! Come by early to get on my list as it is limited.

For pre-convention sketches, continue reading!

All the pre con commissions are done in pencil, ink and Copic marker. I can do something different, say pencils only, or linework, just let me know. I'll also be doing colour pieces again, basically they're copic marker pieces with watercolour added. They're a lot more finished than what I can accomplish on the day of the con and they're pretty cheap!
Here are some examples:

A4 B/W. These are £45.

A4 sketchcovers, these would be £45. If you want to supply your own comic then send it quickly! I do have a small stock of titles...there'd be a small charge if you want me to supply the cover. These are pretty popular at the moment!

A4 Colour. These are £55

A3 B/W. These are £90

These tend to be more full figure than the A4 ones as they're twice the size!

A3 Colour. These are £110

I don't mind doing a couple of figures on the A3 colour pieces, as long as it doesn't get crazy with detail.

That's all the info you'll need. Look forard to meeting you on the day!

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