Monday 11 September 2017

Thought Bubble 2017

Sooner than expected I'll be sketching at the Thought Bubble con on the weekend of the 23/24th September. It's a new venue and a new month. I'll be sketching on the rotating sketch table from 1530 until 1700 each day. Not a long time, I know, but if you get to my table quickly I'll be happy to draw you something for free.

As usual I'll be taking pre-con commissions. They're the same price as they have been for the last 18 months or so. Here are some examples and the info you need.

Sketchcovers: These are £45 for b/w and £55 for colour. Double the prices for wraps. If it's multiple figures, detailed background etc then it's on a per job basis. Also, cover recreations on sketchcovers are on a per job basis. I'd be insane if I agreed to do a Perez recreation for £45 and I'm not.

A4 and A3 Copic sketches. I'm kind of moving away from these but if you want them I'll do them. £45/£90 for b/w, £55/£110 for colour. The color ones are basically a wash over the top of the copic tonal drawings.

Wonder Girl A3

Zatanna A3

Watercolours. A new thing. These are purely watercolours, no inked linework or markers or anything, proper paintings! I figured that as I made my name as a painter it'd make sense if I did painted commissions (albeit not in oils). Prices are £175-200 for A3 and round about £60 for the more portrait style A4. I'll post more examples as I finish up the ones I'm doing to sell at the con.

Poison Ivy A3

Spidey v Goblin A3

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