Monday 9 September 2013

N.I.C.E. Con 2013 - Back home....

Just got back home from the Northampton International Comics Expo (NICE) at the weekend, avoided having to get on a bus as part of my train journey home only to find every train in Britain affected by a signal failure. 

Anyway, it was a great weekend. Jeff put on food for all the guests, supplied us with drinks, went beyond what a guest at a comic con expects in many ways. And his mum's vegetable samosas were awesome (ask Esad Ribic). 

One idea that Jeff introduced was to have an area set aside where attendees could queue for a free sketch by one of four artists. Whichever artist was free when the attendee reached the front of the queue was the one you got a sketch from. I was a little apprehensive at first as I like people to get on my sketch list and leave me to it (I can't really talk and draw at the same time...and I feel pressure wen people watch me)...but it was really good. Each set of artists were there for an hour and then were replaced by the next wave of artists. It was a really good idea as people who couldn't afford to pay for sketches, or kids, could get something nice to take home.

I sketch for free anyway but I'm very slow and so my list fills up pretty quickly. Sorry to all the people who didn't make it onto the list this time. If you want to get on the sketch list at any future cons I attend then just get in touch. Also, I do pre-done sketches that I sell, they're more finished. Again, get in touch beforehand and I can get one done and bring it to the con. Just don't leave it too late.

I didn't see anything at the con as I was sketching all weekend but people were really positive about it. It'll be on again next year and will be even better, no doubt. Jeff and Bub are great guys, the staff are too. They go out of their way to get guests that are new to the UK as well as some top talent from here. 

I'll be there in 2014, I have a couple of people on my sketch list already...

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  1. You did a great job on Sketch Roulette! There was certainly an imposing queue of people there. Sorry if the chatter was a distraction but for what it is worth it was a pleasure to chat about everyday stuff and just hang out for a few minutes with you, well worth the wait.

    Already waiting for N.I.C.E next year. Brilliant experience albeit a tad strange at times. I don't think I will ever be able to purge Glenn Fabry singing Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" over and over whilst sketching, no matter how much bleach I pour in my ears. Hehe.