Tuesday 29 October 2013

Justice Society of America on a Sherman Tank

Justice Society of America JSA tank John Watson

The brief was to put the JSA in a WW2 setting and include a tank, a Sherman if possible. The JSA work really well when placed in a historical or 'real' setting and so it's proving with this piece. I've gone with a bright blue sky, the same as in the photo ref I found to use. It's one of the things you don't see on comic book covers anymore, they're either metallic looking, digitally rendered and moody or full of irrelevant detail, as a generic rule. 

Also, whilst it may just look blue at this stage it's actually carefully blended so that when I add in the different elements of the foreground it'll add to illusion of depth in the painting. Basically I just made it go lighter toward to bottom.

The leaves are pretty loose, done using some dark greens, gold ochre and burnt umber...

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