Friday 1 November 2013

Justice Society of America on a Sherman Tank ... Part 2

I've been enjoying painting this tank, especially the tread. Grey is interesting as it's not really grey. For example the tan, so far is a mix of Indian Red, Winsor Blue, yellow ochre, Burnt Umber, Naples Yellow and Titanium White. Stuff looks grey in relation to the colours surrounding it. It's really a mix of many colours. 

Another enjoyable aspect of working on this piece so far has been listening to the new Beatles Biography by Mark Lewisohn's awesome. I've read many other books on the Beatles, Davis, Norman etc but this one is more in depth and a really great listen/read. Putting the Beatles into a historical and social context really brings it to life. Interviewing many people from the time really helps with this too, people who've previously not been heard before. 

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