Friday, 16 May 2014



Superman is too late, Lois has been taken by the Emerald Eye and become the new Empress. The basic idea for this cover came from Justice League of America #60 and also, a recreation of that cover that Arthur Adams did. I can't find an image of that anywhere but I remember the anatomy of the main figure was a lot more dynamic than on the original cover. I've tried to capture that here.

I was quite happy with the way the text came out. Love those old DC covers where the text was incorporated into the art. 

Regarding the uniforms of the adult Legion, I've used Barry Kitson's Light Lass design as it's awesome, easily the best version, although I like the hairstyle Mike Grell drew!

One thing I've noticed recently, and you can see it in a lot of the art, is how quickly artists like Cardy, Kirby, Kubert, Adams, Buscema, used to work. It's not rushed, it's technically great, but the facility and skill they had enabled them to work fast. This translated into a sense of movement and dynamicism. Some of the linework is almost scribbled, but the lines aren't superfluous, they add to the art. True craftsmen.

I think maybe it's a confidence thing with me. I can be pretty quick painting, but linework, always struggled with inking. I pencil pretty quick, it's loose, but I tighten up too much with the inking. In fact, it takes me longer to ink than pencil a lot of the time.

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  1. This really is excellent..I like the flow of the piece...