Tuesday 13 May 2014



Been wanting to draw this piece for a while but not had the time until now. Perez is so detailed, and this may sound crazy, but until I tried drawing like him, I didn't realise just how detailed his work is...

I don't think anyone else can draw the New Teen Titans like Perez. It just isn't the same...there's very few artists you could say that about really. Most titles or characters aren't defined by a single artist, in my opinion anyway. Changeling, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven...never as good drawn by anyone else. 

I'd say Excalibur should always be drawn by Alan Davis. It just isn't the same otherwise. I loved the way he had a real range of sizes and body types for the different characters.

Alex Raymond on Flash Gordon.

I'll revisit this idea in a future post...

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