Thursday, 3 July 2014

ADVENTURE COMICS #12 chapter 2 of the adventures of the Legion of Crime


Here's the next chapter of the series that's now set in the Legion of Crime's universe, Earth 3 to be precise. This one's adapted from an old Authentic Police Cases cover by Matt Baker. I think there'll be a fair few covers in this storyline that have word balloons on the cover. Basically because I like them...and also, without being able to read the interiors, as there aren't any, each cover needs to carry the story itself.

Really, all comic covers should do that. Comic covers were meant to grab the reader, explain enough to make someone want to open the comic up and read it.

At some point in the past that evidently changed and a slow descent into a world where the variant is all important began. I'm not knocking variant covers here, some of them are pretty neat.

Check out and search for Authentic Police Cases. Whilst there look up some other Matt Baker covers too, Cinderella Love, Teen-age Romances...I think Matt Baker was a big influence on Dave Stevens...there's a...Matt Baker book by TwoMorrows publishing for further reading.

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