Tuesday 2 February 2016

LSCC London Super Comic Con Update

Sketchlist is now closed. I've had more requests for commissions than ever and I need to get through them! If I do manage to reach the end then I'll open it up again (although I'll be skiing the week before the con so it's probably a long shot)

I'll have a selection of sketches for sale on the weekend of the con however, a mix of sketchcovers, b/w Copic and a few colour ones too, depends on time really!

Also, I'll have some paintings for sale too, the cover to Star Trek #56 amongst them (the other pieces are Trek based too, can't show them yet...should be in Previews next month)

I will be sketching for free on the weekend, as usual. That list tends to fill up pretty quickly (because they're free!) so fly by early if you want to get on that list. Barry Kitson will be sat sketching with me at the con. I'm not certain right now if he'll be charging or not for sketches...but his list fills up quicker than mine so get there quick!

See you there!

Here's a couple of sketchcovers I've done for the con, one a commission, one a piece I I'll have for sale at the con

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