Friday, 23 June 2017

Prices update...and some more ramblings about blank sketchcover quality.


I'm being asked to draw more and more cover recreations on blank variants. After taking on some complicated ones I've arrived at the (obvious) realisation that they take a lot longer than regular sketchcovers (who'd have thought that?). So, I'm going to charge a basic rate of £75 for a cover recreation on a blank. Wraparound covers will be twice the price. Colour can be negotiated!
Anyone who is currently on my list for recreation blanks the original price still applies.


Well, I have to admit, I was in error. I've found a blank variant that's so bad that I can't actually draw on it. And it's published by DC. Adventures of Supergirl #3...the cover stock is so thin that a pencil would go straight through it, in fact, it's so thin that you can see not only the image printed on the reverse of the cover but the images on the first page of the comic when looking at it. It reminds me of that toilet paper that you used to get as standard in UK high school's during the 1980's, the greaseproof stuff that was entirely unsuited for the purpose it was created.

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