Wednesday, 23 August 2017

LSCC latest!

I've finished all the commissions for the con (except those that I've agreed with people to finish after the con!). I'll be sketching at table 116 with Dan Slott and Chris Weston either side of me. I imagine they'll have queues that are slightly longer than mine (I did paint a cover of She-Hulk that Dan had written once, there's a tenuous connection!) so just follow the long queue and I'll be in that area. I have no banner this year as I'll be travelling by train and have enough stuff to carry already but it shouldn't be a massive challenge to find me.

Sat at my table will be Russ Payne, still recovering from his heart attack and appearing a lot thinner than he used to after having to give up cheese and most other tasty foods. Thankfully his right hand hurts too much for him to be able to 'sketch' at the con. He's supposed to be amibdextrous though so he may surprise...He'll be representing the Kirby museum and doing a panel about Jack with Dan Slott and Mark Buckingham at some juncture through the weekend.

I'll be arriving in London on Friday lunchtime, hopefully in time for the start of the convention. If I'm not there at the beginning then look on Facebook for updates (yes, I've entered the 21st Century and have a phone capable of doing such things!).
I'm not entirely certain how far Russ will be able to walk yet (it's early days) so that may figure into things also. Russ won't have his box of knock-off and ill advised rubbish to peddle as he can't carry heavy loads and I refuse to contaminate my hands with it.
I'll be sketching for free all weekend. I'm not taking requests before the start of the con. If you want a free sketch then come on over to the table and I'll add you to the list!

I'll have some pre-done sketches to sell over the weekend, some original art (anyone want to buy a Marvel Apes painted cover?) too. Outside of the likenesses on sketchcovers I'll have a small selection of watercolour sketches, not Copic with a wash, but actual's a new thing I've started. I found there was a limit to the number of Copic sketches I could do before they all started to seem the I diversified! Also, as I was primarily a painter of covers,  I figured that doing painted sketches would be more fitting. If you plan to get anything from me that you want to give to Scott's Collectables for CGC then talk to me at the time of purchase so all the correct procedure is followed.

I'm looking forward to the con as it's always been one that's concerned with and concentrated on comics and has guests who've actually worked in the industry. There are very, very few cons that can say that in the UK.

See you there!

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