Sunday 5 May 2013

A table too far...

This is the latest tonal commission I've done. The fourth in a series, each depicting The Legion of a different era. The basis for the layout came from an Alex Toth marker piece I saw. I like drawing heroes sat around but this series almost changed that...I enjoyed drawing each one less as the repetition increased. I originally intended to do the Coipel Legion and then the Kitson Legion to finish with but I think 4 is enough!

Everyone has a favourite version of the Legion, or rather each version of a particular character. I guess a lot of mine are from the Cockrum/Grell era.




  1. They are cool but I could see why they became repetitive . It is interesting seeing how the team evolved though..

  2. These are phenomenal! Especially love the gradations and tone aspect.
    I'm a longtime Legion fan, and these are beautiful--very much capture the fun and familial part of the Legion!

  3. INCREDIBLE! Legion 60's - 80's; i.e. THE REAL DEAL! GREAT WORK, SIR! :-)