Monday 20 May 2013

Green Goblin, Spidey and a Bridge

Here's the first photos of a piece I'm working on at the moment. 

Decided to paint the clouds in oil so they look more realistic. If there's no sky I usually paint buildings (or in the is case a bridge) in acrylic, it's much easier as the drying time is minutes instead of days. As there's a lot of masking off to get the straight edges this makes sense. 

But here, as the sky is done in oil, I can't put acrylic over the top. It won't the bridge will have to be in oil too. 

This took a long while (due to the aforementioned masking off and drying time). Once the figures are painted in then the depth will start to appear. After I painted the sky I pencilled in the figures fully and then put a layer of liquin over the top to seal it and stop the pencil smudging the oil colour. 

I've used a limited pallette so far, yellow ochre, Payne's grey, titanium white and Naples yellow. Pretty much the same colours I used for the sky except I put a little Winsor Blue in there too.

The smoke trail for the Goblin's glider is the same colour base but with a little Alizarin Crimson added. 

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