Wednesday 1 May 2013

Bristol Comic Expo May 2013

I'll be sketching and signing all weekend at the Bristol Comic Expo on the weekend of the 11/12th May 2013

I'll be doing A4 tonal pieces, often using Copic markers, sometimes pencil and ink... I sketch for free at the con. As a result I get booked up pretty quickly so email me beforehand or swing by my table early on to get on the list.

I'll also have some sketches for sale, these are ones I've done beforehand and are, as a result, more finished and nicer! They're all done in Copic markers. There will be one of these sketches in the charity auction at the con are a couple of examples...

Captain America - John Watson
I'll have a few paintings for sale too, Marvel covers, and I may bring some really cheap pages of interior linwork with me that I'm not happy about. It's not my best work and the price reflects that...

And finally, I'll have some pretty nifty prints for sale, A3sized, printed on a nice Fabriano watercolour paper, both colour and black/white...

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