Tuesday 28 October 2014


I remember there was a massive issue with the prelim for this piece as it looked a little like Hugh Jackman. So I tried to make Wolverine look more like the Frank Quitely version. When I was working for Marvel there was a memo that went out to all creators on a regular basis explaining how we couldn't use likenesses in any of the art we did. Fair enough. I think the only time I did was when I used the movie J Jonah Jameson on the cover of Civil War Frontline #2 and it was no big deal. 

There was an artist who did use likenesses though, to a ridiculous degree. In fact he traced photos of celebrities, models and even other artists work. He irks me...

So, which Wolverine artist do I think is the best? I'd go with John Byrne. He added a lot to Cockrum's Wolverine, tweaked the look and perfected it. I still think Claremont and Byrne's X-Men is the best run of the title ever. It's good to read today 40 years on...Byrne drew a lot of them definitively, Colossus, Phoenix, Wolverine, Cyclops, Banshee, Storm...I'd take Alan Davis' Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde over Byrne though.

If you think of classic, iconic images of Wolverine, then you think of a John Byrne drawn image.

I thik my attempt at a Wolverine cover was ok...some of the anatomy work is alright, the detail in the jeans is pretty good, I should have loosened up a little though...And the background trees are too sparse.

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